HIGHLAND SAGA on tour in Germany

29.04.22 Ravensburg - Oberschwabenhalle

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01.05.22 Bochum - Ruhrkongress

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02.05.22 Koblenz - CGM Arena

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03.05.22 Dortmund - Westfalenhalle 2

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04.05.22 Karlsruhe - Schwarzwaldhalle

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06.05.22 Würzburg - Congress Centrum

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08.05.22 Weimar - Weimarhalle

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09.05.22 Bremen - Metropole Theater

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10.05.22 Hamburg - Friedrich Ebert Halle

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11.05.22 Flensburg - Deutsches Haus

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13.05.22 Nürnberg - Meistersingerhalle

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14.05.22 Hof/Bayern - Freiheitshalle

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15.05.22 Leipzig - Haus Auensee

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16.05.22 Berlin - Tempodrom

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25.05.22 Mannheim - Maimarktclub

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26.05.22 Offenbach - Stadthalle 

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27.05.22 Bielefeld - Stadthalle 

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28.05.22 Fulda - Esperantohalle

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The music of the show

Fàilte don Ghàidhealtachd - Welcome to the Highlands

The Highland Saga Show live

A musical journey through time that takes the audience to the Scottish Highlands.

Bagpipes and drums deliver impressive show moments that give you goosebumps. The audience experiences the raw and mystical nature of the Highlands up close!  

Highland Saga Dates & Tickets

All dates at a glance

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Highland Saga Music & Videos

Highland Saga Videos,

Highland Saga on YouTube

Wonderful performers and a great film crew were there in the Scottish Highlands making fabulous videos.


The filming locations for the Highland Saga

The Highlands make for great pictures

The visuals for the Highland Saga show and music videos were shot in stunning and mystical locations in the Scottish Highlands.

The Highland Saga as Comic

The Highland Saga Books

The Highland Saga Songbook

In keeping with the musical journey through time - Highland Saga, Ulysses MacKenzie has compiled songs and poems. Lyrics and sheet music, but also poems of the Scottish Highlands. 

Highland Whisky & Gin