The Creative Team of the Highland Saga Show

Ulrich Lautenschläger - producer, author und impresario of the Highland Saga

As a guest at royal shows, Ulrich Lautenschläger was very taken by the uniforms and British military music, but particularly inspired by the Great Highland Bagpipes. The feeling he experienced while watching the famous military „trooping the colour“ parade was such that he wanted to bring precisely thisfeeling to Germany.


The experienced event-manager started realising his dream by very successfully staging a show at the famous Loreley open-air stage, and then creating the “Deutschland  Tattoo - Royal Music Show“, which he presented at the Veltins Arena at Schalke in front of 35,000 listeners in 2013 and 2014. Meanwhile this show has become very popular across the whole of Germany, and appeals to young and old alike. An important part of the success is the “Pipers of the World” formation, which Ulrich initiated in 2012. With the “Highland Saga“ he is fulfilling a further dream. “We create magic moments - that is our main aim! It’s only when I myself get goosebumps and tears in my eyes do i know that this is going to please the public.” says the impresario. His enthusiasm and love of Scottish culture has not gone unrecognised: he was awarded the title of honorary member of the MacKenzie clan by the clan chief himself. Ulrich has chosen to live in Berlin, but in the meantime London and the Scottish Highlands have become homes from home.

Alasdair Hutton - the voice of the Highland Saga

Alasdair Hutton has been the voice of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the last 28 years. Every summer he entertains guests from all over the world on the famous esplanade of Edinburgh castle.

Has has been a journalist in Australia and Scotland as well as a narrator for the BBC.

He further spent ten years representing the south of Scotland as a member of European parliament and a further ten years as a town counsellor, of those nine acting as mayor. He served for 22 years as a voluntary paratrooper in a famous Scottish battalion and is active for charity organisations helping military veterans.

Corvin Bahn - arranger und keyboard-player with Highland Saga

Corvin started learning piano at the age of seven. After his classical training he increasingly turned his attention towards rock music. He brings a certain “rock-attitude” to the “Highland Saga”, proving masterfully that bagpipe music is not only interesting for folk fans! On reading his musical vita, it becomes apparent that Corvin has a particular affinity to “hard’n’heavy” music events such as the legendary “Wacken Festival” in Germany. He plays/has played with Uli Jon Roth, Saxon and Gamma Ray, but also the famous German folk-rock band Santiano made use of his services. With them and other famous artists he toured New Zealand, Scotland, Japan and many other parts of the world. He is a very experienced studio musician and together with Ian Melrose he is the “backbone” of the POTW band.

Ronald A. Bromhead - the Pipe Major and one of the composers for the Highland Saga

Ronald A. Bromhead was born and grew up not far from Loch Lomond, and has become one of the most prominent pipers in the world. As a youth he started learning the Great Highland Bagpipes and was already taking part in world championships by the age of 15. In 1983 he became a member of the Queen’s Scots Guards and was trained as a Guards piper at the world-famous Guards Depot Piping School. In 1984 his band won the title “champion of the champions”, and from 1985 to 1993 he was the “piper on duty” to the royal family in Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace and Windsor Castle. In1989 he became the pipe sergeant of the 1st Battalion of the Scots Guards. Since 1994 he is a busy much-in-demand pipes teacher in Germany, Europe, America and Asia. A bagpipe piece he composed in 2013 celebrating the birth of prince George was gratefully and officially accepted by the Queen. He was involved as piper and composer in the production of POTW Vol. 1, and is one of the founders of “Pipers Of The World”.

Ian Melrose - arranger und guitarist with the Highland Saga

Ian Melrose grew up in Ayr, Scotland. His father was a member of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, so traditional Scottish music has been there since childhood. Meanwhile Ian has become one of the world's leading protagonists of the acoustic guitar.

He has participated in over 130 music productions.  In 1996 his path led to Clannad, whom he accompanied as lead guitarist on their '96 world tour. In addition, he played on the grammy-winning Clannad album "Landmarks" and on the 2005 album "Clannad: Live in Concert" and contributed significantly to the success of the folk-rockers. 


Ian has played concerts all over the world, including many major festivals e.g. Montreal Jazz Festival (CAN), Celtic Connections (SCO), Open Strings (D), Dranouter Folk Festival (B), Tartan Week New York (USA) among many others, and he has also done international guitar tours and is in demand world-wide as a workshop-leader. He does studio work for film and television productions and continues to produce and arrange for various artists. In the "Highland Saga" Ian is responsible for arrangements and plays guitar and whistles in the band.