Highland Saga News

Corona Info 29.09.2020

Dear Highland Saga fans!


Unfortunately we have to inform you that we have to postpone the "Highland Saga" tour once again -for well-known reasons- and unfortunately we will not be able to present you our wonderful show live for the first time until 2021.

In the past months we have been working under high pressure to be able to realize our upcoming tour dates "corona-ready".

As you can imagine, for an international production like the "Highland Saga" (with participants from Australia, Scotland and England, among others), this is currently a rather complicated undertaking from a travel perspective.


Here we had already been able to find very good alternative solutions, but the unstable infections in the individual federal states and the associated, in part very different audience caps and official requirements, unfortunately make it impossible for us to carry out the "Highland Saga" tour logistically sensible and economically. We had hoped until the very end to be able to hold at least a larger part of the tour dates, but there were simply too many "gaps" in the tour schedule that could not be filled and these gaps naturally cause unforeseen costs that do not pay off. 

Therefore, the stage premiere should ideally also be realized in the fully comprehensive framework. And this presupposes the originally planned venues with corresponding audience capacities. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided not to stage the production until next year.

We would like to thank the artists and the crew for their great support in finding a date and especially YOU for your patience and understanding and we are looking forward to welcoming you next year at the "live premiere" of our "Highland Saga"!


Best regards and stay healthy!


Your Highland Saga Team


Important info: The date in Lemgo must unfortunately be canceled without replacement.